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The Danish Ministry of the Environment, Danish Forest and Nature Agency, CITES Management Authority has signed a agreement with the ESF for a replacement of seven in Denmark confiscated Pelusios niger. The ESF has become the owner of these African turtles. At the advise of our Pelusios studbook keepers the turtles are placed with participants of the studbook Pelusios spp. The turtles arrived Saturday December 10 in the Netherlands. They are registered in the studbook Pelusios spp and dividend among two locations. With many thanks to Mr. S.A. Obsen of the Danish CITES Management Authority for the good cooperation and the confidence in the ESF. December 10, 2005
Harry Rotmans, secretary ESF
Ferry Grünewald and Peter van Putten, studbook keepers Pelusios spp.

photos by F. Grünewald