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Due to our agreement with the Duch authorities, the following animals will be available for the ESF for placing for ESF breeding loan:

Podocnemis unifilis

Platemys platycephala

Phrynops geoffroanus

Chelus fimbriatus

Chelonoidis denticulata

Cuora amboïnensis

Pelomedusa subrufa

Macrochelys temminckii

Emydura subglobosa

Chelydra serpentine

Geoclemys hamiltoni

Mauremys reevesii

Apalone spinifera

Centrochelys sulcata

Agrionemys horsfieldii

Emys orbicularis

Elseya novaeguinee

Messaclemmys gibba

Cuora amboinensis

Indotestudo elongata

For animals that are part of an active breeding programme (a studbook), the studbook keeper has priority in placing the animal specimen of his studbook. In case of more demand in animals than there are animals available, studbook participants have priority over non-studbook participants.

All receivers of ESF animals in breeding loan have to sign our standard ESF contract and will be automatically participant of the concerning studbook. According to the ESF contract the animals will for the rest of their lives in ownership of the ESF. We will also ask a small contribution per participant.

It is adviced to investigate the landanimals for possible parasites or microplasma. A quarantaine period is advised for all the above mentioned species.

For interest in these animals or for further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

On behalf of the board,

Nick Cramer
Coordinator studbooks

(animals in photo are not the actual animals)

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