ESF Newsletter 2015.3

European Studbook Foundation Newsletter #3
September 2015

A word from the President

Summer is almost gone (which is a famous Doors song) and PRwise this is often a silent period. Not for ESF. Over the past few months Tim Visser of the Sacrome company has been working hard to develop the online registration which will be operational January 1 next year. Several studbook keepers will already start earlier. Within the studbooks of Heosemys spinosa and Testudo graeca DNA sampling has been executed and results will soon be published. These results will have consequences for the studbook population. Of several specimens of Mauremys annamensis and Chelodina mccordi blood samples have been taken and sent to the Dresden laboratory for genetic testing.
The contact between the ESF board and individual studbook keepers is intensified. Good communication is vital in our work. The board has been working on the quality and feasibility of the studbooks. This year several studbooks have been cancelled. The outcome and progress of several studbooks did not meet the ESF standards.
An important ESF component is the administration of so called frontdoor animals (animals that are handed over to ESF by the Dutch CITES authorities), confiscated animals and animals that are received from the TSA Europe. These animals must remain visible and cannot disappear. We found Didier Laurent prepared to keep records of those animals and make an annual inventory of changes of these animals at the locations that received those animals. Within the ESB board the different tasks were discussed and changed all in view of the fact that Laurens Woldring will take over the position of ESF chair at January 1, 2016.
As you see it was not a silent summer for ESF. Please read the frontdoor procedure article, the Chelodina mccordi studbook status, the progress on the online registration, an interesting interview with Siebren Kuperus and some announcements.
Henk Zwartepoorte
Credit: H.Zwartepoorte

Some major changes are currently executed within the board but also regarding improvements of tools and activities. With an eye on the future public/relations become more and more important.

ESF News

Reherp Foundation
August this year the Reherp Foundation is established and officially registered at the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce. The board is formed by secretary Chris Peters (former Rotterdam Zoo educator) and chairman Henk Zwartepoorte (former Rotterdam Zoo curator of reptiles and amphibians).

Progress online studbook registration
As mentioned in the last newsletter the ESF hired the company SACROME, represented by Tim Visser, to create an online studbook registration program. An online program has many advantages compared to the currently used desktop programs SPARKS and SEBAG. At the studbook keepers meeting of 28-3-2015

Interview with Siebren Kuperus
Siebren is ESF board adviser and co-studbook keeper of Corucia zebrata and Shinisaurus crocodilurus.

Agreement 'Front Door Animal Procedure' in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, the Dutch CITES management authority and the ESF have an agreement regarding legalizing found turtles, for which an EU certificate and a possession exemption are required in the Netherlands.

The McCord Snake necked turtle Chelodina mccordi
Chelodina mccordi (Family Chelidae) is a moderate-sized snake-necked turtle endemic to the tiny island of Roti (= Rote) in southeastern Indonesia. It has an extremely limited distribution and has been subjected to intense collection pressure for the international pet trade market, which has driven it into virtual commercial extinction. (Rhodin, Ibarrondo, Kuchling, 2007).
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