ESF Newsletter 2015.2

European Studbook Foundation Newsletter #2
June 2015

A word from the President

As discussed during the ESF studbook keepers day March 28 this year our organisation more and more moves into a more professional and improved direction. Changes have been announced and some are already developing.
The online registration will be operational by the end of this year. Online registration not only makes registration of animals by participants easier and quicker but it creates a general back up through which data can not get lost. For studbook keepers this will make record keeping a lot easier.
In this Newsletter a few board changes for 2016 are announced.
At the end of this year I will step back as president and this position will be taken over by Laurens
Woldring. Please read Laurens’ introduction.
Mid 2016 the ESF secretary will step back and in this Newsletter a call for a successor is done.
Younger people will gradually take over these board positions which is a guarantee for the future of ESF and its aims.
I am convinced that these developments will show the world that ESF is a serious ex situ conservation organization and where possible with links to in situ recovery projects for species and their habitat.
Henk Zwartepoorte
Some major changes are currently executed within the board but also regarding improvements of tools and activities. With an eye on the future public/relations become more and more important.

ESF News

Summary studbook keepers meeting of the European Studbook Foundation
In March 2015 the studbook keepers meeting took place in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Several people gave interesting lectures.

Testudo graeca DNA sampling progress
As published in the ESF Newsletter 2015 number 4 a number of 10 specimens of a Hong Kong confiscated shipment of 31 tortoises was tested by the Gendika BV company. The results are now known.

Changing of the guards within the ESF Board; the Chairman hands over his position
1980 the Rotterdam zoo bred its first red footed tortoise (Geochelone carbonaria). From then on it went fast with the breeding couple. Within a decade dozens of births took place and with a few exceptions they all went to private keepers.

Laurens Woldring: the new Chairman
For those who not know me yet, my name is Laurens Woldring, I am 37 years old and living with my girlfriend Monique, 5 cats and some reptiles (mainly tortoises)  in Deventer, The Netherlands. At the moment I am working as a biology teacher at a school for children with special educational needs.

Time for a new generation in the board
Since 1992, the idea to maintain especially endangered reptiles and amphibians is worked out into the establishment of studbooks. By building up and maintain ing responsible genetic populations,  knowledge of the species can be increased and, if possible, can also contributed to reintroduction  programs in the original habitats.
ESF Board changes
In the course of these  first 6 months of this year the ESF board had some changes. Gerrit Hofstra, Siebren Kuperus and Job Stumpel left the board and now occupy advisory positions.
This is a publication of the European Studbook Foundation

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