ESF Newsletter 2015.1

European Studbook Foundation Newsletter #1
March 2015

A word from the President

2014 Was socially and politically a very eventful year. 2014 Also was a year of disastrous facts regarding  increasing pressure on wild habitats and species and as such on nature conservation as well. An increasing number of species is on the brink of extinction. A record 1,215 rhinos were poached in South Africa in 2014, a 21% increase on the previous year, officials have said. More than two-thirds were killed in the famed Kruger National Park.

This killing and stealing from protected areas such as national parks and zoos show that the current protection is not sufficient. CITES uplisting of species sometimes raise the commercial value and subsequently increase the demand.

These figures and cases of thefts of small mammals and birds from zoos and numbers of smuggled and confiscated reptiles and amphibians  are indications that wildlife is at greater risk than ever before.

Exactly these levels of threats must motivate and stimulate ESF to proceed on the path she went. The establishment of captive assurance colonies still is a way preventing species becoming extinct completely.

Some recent developments such as the online registration and co operations with in situ projects like in Egypt and Vietnam show ESF moves onto a more professional level. Proposals for this will be presented and discussed at the studbook keepers day March 28 in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands. In this Newsletter 2015 no. 1 you will find a variety of interesting subjects.
Date: March 28, 2015
Location: Milieu Educatief Centrum (MEC) Geinoord 9
3432 PE Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
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ESF News

Studbook Keepers Day on Saturday the 28th of March 2015
The ESF board invites you for our studbook keepers meeting on Saturday the 28th of March 2015. The location is the Milieu Educatief Centrum (MEC), Geinoord 9, 3432 PE Nieuwegein in The Netherlands (tel. +31 30 – 60 55 514).
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The legislation in Belgium in connection with reptiles and tortoises in particular
Belgium has three regions, being: the Flemish, Walloon, and Brussels region. Every region has its
own environment rules on reptiles. Within the Flemish region, it is obligatory to  have an environment permit to keep reptiles, better known as 'VLAREM'. Within the Vlarem legislation,
there are different categories

Interview with Maik Schilde
In each ESF newsletter we will interview either a passionate individual or an employee of an organization that is connected to ESF. In this one we would like to introduce Maik Schilde to the readers. He is een important breeder, studbook participant. Other people know him better as the president of AG Schildkröten of the DGHT.

New model ESF contract
The hitherto used models are outdated and therefore replaced by a new model ESF contract, which will be used for all transfer situations. In some different situations certain conditions may not be applicable.

National Coordinator Poland
De ESF welcomes Mikolaj Kazmierczak from Wroclaw as National Coordinator Poland and wishes him success with the promotion of the ESF in his country.

ESF Annual Report 2014

ESF Annual Financial Report 2014
This is a publication of the European Studbook Foundation
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