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One of the practices of ESF is placing endangered species in the hands of well known professional institutions (Zoos and Aquariums) or private persons. Most of the animals are confiscated abroad in Asia and in some cases in the Netherlands. The confiscated animals are either handed over directly to ESF by the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), the Confiscations bureau (IBG) of the ministry of Agriculture in the Netherlands or investigating authorities of other European countries. The animals are often smuggled for the pet trade and sometimes for human consumption. The ownership of the animals always remains at ESF but they are placed with studbook participants under their responsibility; these keepers therefore signs a contract with ESF.

From 2001 until now 678 animals are placed, these are all freshwater turtles and tortoises. The animals are placed at 139 keepers in and outside the Netherlands. The ammount of animals placed at one time at one keeper varies from 1 (Malayemys macrocephala) to 200 (Chrysemys picta )! ESF aims for placing the animals directly for a permanent place. In a single case animals are placed for a temporary stay to search for a permanent placing. For instance in 2002 Rotterdam Zoo stayed a number of turtles which had been confiscated in Hong Kong. The zoo first did a health check before TSA placing them with the ESF and Zoos in Europe.

In the recent years the ESF placed a lot of turtles and tortoises which had been confiscated in Hong Kong. In some cases the TSA first did a health check before they were transferred to the ESF.

From the ESF contracts holders of ESF animals are required to inform the appropriate studbook keeper on all matters relating their received ESF animals.
But at this moment ESF is sending a questionnaire to all of the recipients to update the administrative data of these animals. In the future ESF will send an update-request every year. Until now a lot of holders responded to the questionnaire, a cautious valuation tells us that 598 animals are still alive.

May 2013
Frank Verschoor


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Last Updated on Sunday, November 27 2016