CUORA STUDBOOKS, an overview

By Richard P.J.H Struijk & L.A. Woldring

Within the European Studbook Foundation (ESF) there are eight Cuora studbooks. All current Cuora species are represented except Cuora yunnanensis which was thought to be extinct for a long time. Recently though, new initiatives of expeditions to find the species in the wild are taken (PHILIPPEN, pers. comm.) as pictures of a possible female C. yunnanensis were recently published by ZHOU & ZHAO (2004). Most members of the genus Cuora are extremely rare in the wild and therefore ex-situ initiatives like the project at Mnster Zoo and the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) may be crucial for the survival of the species. Besides these studbooks which are meant for private turtle keepers, there are studbooks for Zoos as well. Participating Zoos for those studbooks are members of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).

Photo by R. Struijk In this article an overview will be given of most ESF Cuora studbooks. Items which will be discussed are status, population sie, sex ratios, breeding results, etc. Occasionally some information from outside the studbooks will be given as well. The majority of information is collected from the studbook keepers and/or from annual studbook reports which, for somespecies, can be found on the ESF website. Read the whole article in PDF


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Last Updated on Thursday, February 19 2015